°°°°Located in Hangzhou at the bank of beautiful West Lake, Hangzhou Green Park Seedling Station (Seed) has got more than one decade experience of collecting, storing, keeping, inspecting and processing seeds. The station mainly deals in seeds of forest, frutex, vine, flower, and herbaceous seeds. It also develops and recommends new breeds. In Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou Green Park Seedling Station is at the moment the largest seed dealer. Quantity of seeds it provides every year ranks top in the province. Quality of products is also highly guaranteed. Upon any quality problem, the station promises to return the total payment.

°°°°There are more than 200 seed breeds we supply, such as bushclover, caulis spatholodi, pueraria, Japanese creeper stem, napier, dianthus, red maple, acer elegantulum, photinia, photinia davidsoniae, Zhejiang photinia, East China photinia, red photinia, red fennel, ternstroemia japonica thunb, cyclobalanopsis myrsinaefolia, celtis julianae schneid, ilex chinensis sims, taxus chinensis, castanopsis sclerophylla, and celtis sinensis, etc.

°°°°Our station occupies 350mu land, 115mu of which is used as experimental base. Another 230mu land is for planting seedling.
°°°°Welcome to visit and cooperate with us.